Hi, I’m Mr. Neoh. I have three children namely, Ricky, Rocky, and Rainie aged 25, 18, and 10 respectively. As I write, I have RM 800,000 in cash, fixed deposit, and stocks and two residential properties at Petaling Jaya and Setia Alam worth RM  750,000 and RM 850,000 respectively. Also, I’m now servicing five life insurance policies where their combined sum assured is RM 900,000. 

Upon my passing, I intend to bequeath my estate based on the following:

My question is: ‘Should I appoint Ricky, my eldest to be the executor of my will?’ 


Yes, it is possible to have Ricky execute the will upon Mr. Neoh’s passing. Here, let us first understand and appreciate the roles of an executor. 

If Mr. Neoh passes on, Ricky will first apply for the Grant of Probate (GP) from the High Court to prove that he is the appointed executor of the will. In order to do so, Ricky needs to prepare a list of documents which include Mr. Neoh’s Will, both assets and liabilities owned and owed, and his father’s death certificate.

This process shall take around 3-6 months. 

Then, Ricky is allowed to collect all estates belonging to his father. This includes the transfer of ownership of cash (inclusive of disposal proceeds of stocks), FDs, and properties from Mr. Neoh into Ricky. 

This process shall take around 6-12 months. 

Next, Ricky is to advertise to locate his father’s creditors and negotiate to settle all outstanding debts owed by his father. Also, Ricky needs to settle outstanding taxes owed by his father to the government and apply for Income Tax Clearance upon settling these tax payments. 

This process shall take around 12-18 months. 

Finally, Ricky may complete his task as an executor by distributing the
estates in accordance to his father’s will. The whole process shall take at least 2 years, the fastest and it could take 3-4 years if there are hiccups in the expediting process along the way. 

So, is this the best arrangement for Ricky, Rocky and Rainie? Here, I’ll list four things Mr. Neoh should consider before having Ricky as his Will’s executor. 

#1: The Experience

The job of an executor is not easy. Ricky may feel overwhelmed by various tasks and responsibilities shouldered upon himself. This is because Ricky would need to deal with lawyers, bankers, creditors and tax officers to expedite the process of distributing his father’s estate. It can be a daunting task for one who has zero prior experience in this matter. So, does Ricky know what he should be doing to execute his father’s will? 

#2: The Time and Energy 

Ricky is 25 years old and most likely, is building his career on a full-time basis. In his case, Ricky’s time and energy will be spent on attending Court Hearings and multiple legworks to the lawyer’s offices, banks and income tax department for the next 2-3 years. Hence, the question is: ‘If Ricky knows the entire process for a will to be executed, will he be interested to assume the role as it is very much time and energy consuming?’ 

#3: Impartiality 

Let’s say, Mr. Neoh passes on and Ricky, as the executor has successfully obtained the GP, collected his father’s estates, and paid off his father’s outstanding debts and taxes owed. Under his name, Ricky holds onto the two properties. So here, the next question is: ‘Will Ricky transfer the title deed of these properties to his siblings namely, Rocky and Rainie accordingly?’ 

What if Ricky does not do so or delays in doing so? Or worse, what if Ricky sells off both properties and keeps the sale proceeds himself? 

Could Rocky and Rainie bring Ricky to court? What if they are totally clueless of their rights as beneficiaries to their properties? Thus, it is possible for Mr. Neoh’s intention of bequeathing his two properties to Rocky and Rainie not to be fulfilled by Rocky as there is no guarantee that Rocky can act impartially to his siblings. 

#4: Continuity and Perpetuity 

From above, Rainie is 10 years old, hence, will not be able to hold onto the title deed of her property in Setia Alam until she hits 18 which is 8 years to go. Thus, 

Rocky is required to hold onto the title deed for 8 years on behalf of Rainie. The question is: ‘What if Ricky happens to pass on prematurely and Rainie remains a minor?’ In other words, Ricky predeceases before completing his tasks as the executor of his father’s will. 

Also, this applies to Ricky if he becomes permanently disabled, comatose, or in the event he went missing. How then Rainie is able to inherit her property from Mr. Neoh? 

Who’s the Most Ideal Executor for Your Will? 

I’m sure the person chosen should have the following attributes: 

1. He is trustworthy. 

2. He is well-experienced. 

3. He has the interest, time and energy to focus on executing the will. 

4. He can act impartially to all of your beneficiaries nominated. 

5. He will not fall sick, be disabled, go missing, or die. He is immortal. 

Mr. Neoh may appoint Ricky because he trusts his son. But, his son may not have the other attributes listed to carry out his duties well as the Will’s executor. This could potentially cause his intentions stated in his written will to not be fulfilled accordingly. 

So, who has the attributes stated above? 

The answer is a Trust Company. Why? This is because the Trust Company is established with highly experienced staff members such as in-house lawyers, accountants, estate planners, administrators, runners … etc to focus on helping beneficiaries of the deceased’s will to receive their share of inheritance quicker. 

They can act impartially to all beneficiaries listed for it is a third party company, not a beneficiary of the Will. A Trust Company is more likely to complete the tasks of an executor than any human being on planet earth for they are almost immortal, will not fall sick, go missing, or become totally disabled. 

Hence, if I’m Neoh, I’ll nominate a Trust Company of my choice to be the executor of my will as a Trust Company is more capable of doing the job professionally as compared to Ricky himself. 

Choosing an executor to execute your Will is important as without it, your effort in writing a will could prove to be a futile one. Don’t let that be you. To find out more, you can book yourself an appointment with our consultant by first filling up your details below: 

Jocelline Chee
Jocelline Chee

As a Full-time Senior Professional Estate Planner, Jocelline seeks to understand every client’s unique asset holdings and legacy wishes, before recommending a suitable Will and/or Trust structure to meet their needs. She is well-equipped to point out various blindspots in Legacy Planning, that her clients may have. With Jocelline, you can be assured that your legacy planning journey will feel more like having an open-hearted coffee session with a trusted friend, as compared to a formal and awkward session with an equipped advisor.

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    • Yee Fook Seng

      In this article, Should I nominate my son to be the Executor of my Will? under sub-heading #4: Continuity and Perpetuity. How then Rainie is able to inherit her property from Mr. Tan?

      May I know who is Mr Tan refers to in the last line of the paragraph?

      • Jocelline Chee

        Thank you for spending time to read the article.
        Under sub-heading #4 Continuity and Perpetuity. One of the important note to consider when choosing the right executor is the continuity. The person who appointed as the executor have to be healthy and making sure he/she survive the beneficiary. In this article we named the brother Ricky as the executor and trustee for the sister Raine who is only 8 years old. We also give a scenario what happen if Ricky passed away before Raine turn 18 years old before he could have transfer her entitlement from the late father Mr Neoh’s inheritance to her. Apologies for the typo error Mr Tan in the last line of the paragraph. We will amend the article shortly. 😀

        To ensure the daughter Raine inherit the property when she attains 18 year old. We suggested Trust Company as an Ideal Executor. As Trust Company will not fall sick, go missing or become totally disable. More importantly Trust Company is more capable of doing professionally as compared to individual like Ricky himself.

        Please feel free to reach us if you have any further query.

    • ong kiah wong

      can u let us know how fees for trust being calculated. just a guide

      • Jocelline Chee

        The basic Will writing fees is RM480. For trust set up fees is starting from RM1500.

        Please feel free to scheduler a 30 min consultation to further assist your query.

    • FK Chin

      On the fees, is there like an annual fee that we need to pay to maintain the trust account n the will? What about fees for the execution of the trust n the will? What are the other fees in addition to what I have mentioned here?

    • Jocelline Chee

      Mr Chin, thank you for dropping by your query on the fees of Will writing and Trust. I will drop you an email for the rate and schedule.

    • Peng

      Hi Joselline,
      I am also interested to know the answer to the question on fees by Mr. Chin: i.e.
      “On the fees, is there like an annual fee that we need to pay to maintain the trust account n the will? What about fees for the execution of the trust n the will? What are the other fees in addition to what I have mentioned here?”

      Please drop me an email for the rate and schedule.
      Thanks so much.

      • Jocelline Chee

        Hi Peng, Thank you for dropping by. I will drop you an email to discuss further.

    • lim

      On the fees, is there like an annual fee that we need to pay to maintain the trust account n the will? What about fees for the execution of the trust n the will? What are the other fees in addition to what I have mentioned here?

      • Jocelline Chee

        Hi Lim, thank you for dropping by your query on the fees of Will writing and Trust. I will drop you an email for the rate and schedule.


      pl give me a breakdown of fees for the formation of a trust, annual fees, execution and any other expenses that are incurred.
      Regards & Thanks

      • Jocelline Chee

        Hi Visna, thank you for your keen interest in Trust services.

        For Trust setup, there are several types of trust set up and different types of trusts can be used to meet the goals of the person who establishes the trust. The fees will be depending on which types of trust structure suits you best. 
        In general there are testamentary trust, standby trust and living trust. 

        Some trust structures after net of the management fees the beneficiary received minimum 5% per annum. 

        We are giving a 30 min Free Consultation through a call or zoom meeting to understand your family background and wishes on wealth distribution. 

        Please let me know your availability. My contact details as below:
        [email protected]

    • Steven Wong

      Hi Jocelline, really appreciated for the webinar, i feel i have learn at least the basic understanding about Will and Trust.

      I’m discussing with my wife to explore further, to help me in the discussion, can i also have the overview of the fee structure to set up the trust, would be great if it can also spell out which fee is once off, recurring and etc.

      Thank you very much.

      • Jocelline Chee

        Dear Mr Steven, Thank you for your participation. I will assist your query through email. Please check your email. Thanks.

    • Tan Kok Chai

      I would like to know about the various fee structures involved as asked by the others before me.
      By the way, I enjoy reading your articles.
      Thank you.

      • Jocelline Chee

        Dear Tan Kok Chai,

        Thank you for your keen interest in estate planning. For Will writing, we have a basic structure to a comprehensive structure. It’s important for us to understand your concern and needs before we could quote the fees.

        We are providing free consultation for 30 min to understand your family and financial background. Please feel free to register your interest and I will connect with you via WhatsApp or email. Thank you.

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